ISBM School (Distance study programs) / ISBM AG Luzern

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

ISBM Management School is situated in the municipality of willisau in canton Luzern. This location gives the students good opportunities in accessing to urban and modern life of Switzerland along with entertainments and fun.
ISBM International Business Management School is situated almost in the center of Switzerland, therefore, gives almost equal access to all parts of the country; modern transportation facilities connecting to all major cities of the countries.
It is with great pleasure that we announce the Educational Programmes in International School of Business Management in willisau (Switzerland). The International School of Business Management in Littau, Switzerland will offer, in conjunction with our core programs, a specialized Management degree program. 

We Care

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

ISBM daughter school is OUS Academy in Zurich since 2018

The Department of Vocational Training and Further Education allowed ISBM to offer teachings as well as handing out diplomas in its own name, ISBM schools are accredited/certified by ASIC UK, ISO 9001, EFMD Switzerland and member by Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) and Swiss National Tourist Office (MySwitzerland) etc...

At ISBM we take care of the smallest needs of our students to be sure that our students will feel quickly home and that is our goal for the first week after our students have started the Education.
1.    There is always somebody from our staff to support you and even after graduation, we are here to help you.
2.    Before starting the Education at ISBM we prepared an induction day to give our students the information’s about the Semester 
3.    The students who would like to exempt from certain subjects have to give examination in the subject to show that their knowledge is up to the standard of the school.
4.    We have students from different cultural and religious that's why our team are from over 10 countries
5.    The teaching staff is multinational which prunes naturally the students to adapt to different cultures of the world, certainly a key point for the success in this field of Management.